Where World Cup Fans Watch Semi-Professional Soccer Games in Kalamazoo

With the World Cup just starting, those in Kalamazoo may be wondering where they can watch semi-professional soccer locally. Whether you have just recently gotten into the sport or are a longtime fan looking for a local team to support, Kalamazoo Football Club is your local team that welcomes any fan of the sport to come out and enjoy quality soccer.

Our team members are from all over the globe, and they can give some of that international soccer experience that viewers love. In the past, we have had players from France, Scotland, Brazil, and more. Whether you want to find a favorite local player from across the globe or are just looking for some fun, skilled soccer games to watch locally, you can find both with Kalamazoo Football Club.

Watch Both Men’s and Women’s Teams

Whether you like watching men’s or women’s soccer more, or whichever better fits your schedule with when games are held at home, Kalamazoo Football Club has both a men’s and women’s team for fans to enjoy supporting. Each team’s schedule runs from late spring and through the summer, making them a great option for finding a fun thing to do in Kalamazoo on summer evenings.

Both our teams play at the same location, so both can easily be found if you have already been to one or the other! Tickets for both men’s and women’s games can either be purchased in-person at the Mayors Riverfront Park where we play, or online.

Competitive Games

If what you like about watching the World Cup is the competition between teams, you’ll get the same sense of enjoyment when you watch Kalamazoo Football Club games! Our men’s team competes in the USL 2 League, and our women’s team competes in the USL W League. Each league consists of teams that put together the best players available to them, so the competition can be intense.

Kalamazoo Football Club always performs as best as possible to raise excitement for our fans and give them a team they can be proud of. As a community-focused organization, we work to give Kalamazoo a quality soccer experience for all fans, including those who enjoy watching the World Cup.

On the off years when the World Cup isn’t airing in the summer, you can come down and enjoy games put on by your local semi-professional soccer team, Kalamazoo Football Club. Keep an eye on our schedule as we get closer to spring and find games to attend during the summer!

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