Try Out for a Local Soccer Club in Kalamazoo

As we make our way through autumn once again, we enter another year of tryouts for your local soccer club in Kalamazoo, the Kalamazoo Football Club. Because we start practicing and getting ready for a summer season during the springtime, Kalamazoo FC holds tryouts during the fall. Although our tryouts are still a little way out, we still like to give enough of a heads up about when tryouts are so that everyone who is interested doesn’t miss out on the opportunity we present.

If you want to play for the men’s or women’s team for the 2023 season, make sure you keep an eye on our socials and our website for more details. We encourage all who think they have what it takes to be a member of our team to join us.

Sign Up Online

When Kalamazoo Football Club holds tryouts, we’ll post them across our online platforms to make them simple to find. Registration is as simple as filling out our registration form, complete with all the information required. From there, the time and location of the tryout will be given to you, along with any other additional details as necessary.

We want to give the opportunity to become part of our team to anyone who thinks they have what it takes and is willing to put in the work to be an active member of Kalamazoo FC. So, if you think you have a shot, keep an eye out for our form when it’s shared across our online platforms!

Improve and Persevere

If you try out for the team and don’t quite make the cut this year, Kalamazoo Football Club encourages you to keep improving and try out again the next year. We are always looking for team members who are willing to improve their skills and keep pushing to be a better player, and we’ll notice if you have been practicing and it shows while you’re on the field.

You may face some stiff competition when competing for a spot on the team, but part of what it takes for us to make our team great is dedicated players who want to be a contributing member to a cohesive team.

Striving to provide the best soccer that we can for the greater Kalamazoo community to enjoy, Kalamazoo Football Club again encourages any who are interested in playing semi-professional soccer and think that they have what it takes to be part of our team, to apply and come out to tryouts.

Our Team