Todd Wells Takes KZFC Women’s Head Coaching Role

KALAMAZOO, MI. – Kalamazoo FC is excited to announce the return of Todd Wells to our coaching staff! Last being with the men’s side under Head Coach Brian Clements, we are happy to be able to bring Todd back into the KZFC ecosystem. Having already played a pivotal role in the growth of our club’s success, we feel safe in his hands while at the helm of our USL W League team.

“Todd is not only a great coach, but more importantly a great individual. Those two things combined create an amazing opportunity that we at the club are excited to see take shape. His background with growing the women’s game in Kalamazoo at both the club, and collegiate level has made Todd the clear choice when making our decision. Welcome back Todd!” – Kaileb Bowers

Todd will be accompanied by a supporting staff that includes Rich Labadie, Justin Dacey, Joe Fuld, and additional specialist staff. This team of coaches, motivators and winners will be a great compliment to our already strong men’s side and staff.

For players that are interested in joining our 2022 campaign we are going to be offering a second round tryout on Saturday January 15, 2022! Our first tryout was amazing and we need another one to see everyone’s talent lined up one more time! #allezkzoo