Rivalry comeback

Fans of the Kalamazoo sport scene vividly remember an era in which the Muskegon Fury battled every season with the Kalamazoo Wings in L.C. Walker Arena… on ice. On March 7, the two cities will bring back the nostalgia of those battles, only this time it will be in the form of arena soccer – Muskegon Risers vs. Kalamazoo FC.

“As an organization, we see this as an amazing opportunity to connect to a totally new league, and potential annual friendly building point. We have had interest in the indoor leagues surrounding us, and are grateful for Risers providing us with the opportunity to see firsthand the change in dynamic.” Colin Howard, Kalamazoo FC General Manager.

“As a player who has a passion for outdoor football so much, I am equally excited to get the opportunity to showcase my skill mixed with the team around me on the indoor platform!” Mario Diaz, KZFC Forward