Looking for Fun Things to Do In Kalamazoo? Come Support Kalamazoo Football Club!

If you just finished watching the thrilling World Cup tournament, you may be looking to get your fix of soccer excitement. Did you know that one of the many fun things to do in Kalamazoo is to watch and support the Kalamazoo Football Club? While the next season is still months away, we welcome you to learn more about our Men’s and Women’s Football Clubs and the various ways in which you can support local semi-professional soccer in Kalamazoo!

Whether you are a seasoned soccer fan or just getting started, the Kalamazoo Football Club welcomes all fans to support and root for our hardworking men and women soccer players. We are dedicated to providing the highest possible level of soccer to our community, and we donate $1 of every ticket sold to a local charity, so not only are you supporting these great athletes with your ticket purchase, but you are also supporting needy people in your own community, as well.

Semi-Professional Soccer in Kalamazoo

When you come to Soisson-Rapacz-Clason Field to support Kalamazoo Football Club, you are truly experiencing high level soccer played by hardworking men and women as part of the United States Soccer League System. Our men’s team is in the USL League 2 and the women’s team is USL W, so when you attend one of our games, you are seeing top-level soccer played by some of the best young players in the world. These are serious teams who are committed to excellence, resulting in exciting soccer right here in Kalamazoo.

Try Out a Game, or a Full Season

If you are interested in checking out some local soccer action, we have several options available for our fans. Obviously, you can purchase tickets to single games, allowing you to get a sampling of what it’s like to watch a men or women’s soccer game. If you find yourself hooked on the action, we have Season Pass options. With the Individual Season pass, you get one entry per every regular season club matches, free access to live-streamed matches, 10% off all team store items, and first access to exclusive Kalamazoo Football Club events. We also have a Friends & Family Pass, which offers all the above with 4 tickets to all regular season matches and a 15% discount from the team store. Check out our website for more information, so you are prepared when the season starts next spring!