Kalamazoo FC to Host First Ever Women’s Team Tryout

With our intention set on joining the USL W League for the 2022 season, we are hosting our first-ever women’s senior soccer team tryouts December 19th, 2021! These plans were unfortunately delayed due to uncertainties with COVID, and we are passionately excited to finally have the opportunity to continue growing the game within our community! Equality is a one of the key pillars on which Kalamazoo FC as an entire organization stands. We are dedicated to the mission of representing the underrepresented, and continuing to push the boundaries of progression for the betterment of our community. Thank you Kalamazoo. Thank you for being a welcoming home, a place of great strength, and a place of true unique culture. Our 2021 Men’s season was a great showing at what our growing city can do, now it’s time to take that to another stage! Tryout details are below.

**Please note this is not the men’s tryout. We will be hosting the men’s tryout at the normal 2022 hosting time.**

“This is something that our management team has been planning on since I first took ownership of the club for the 2019 season. We knew it was going to be something that we wanted to do right, and now we’re here. Growing opportunity for all men and women is pivotal to the growth of the game and equality and we are focused on making the experience amazing for our first go at it.

We have a few more releases coming out in the coming weeks in regards to coaching staff and other things so I will refrain from some spoilers, but let’s just say that the club is looking to recreate the same winning culture we have established on the men’s side. #allekzoo”