How to Watch Live, Semi-Professional Soccer Games in Kalamazoo

Whether you’re a local resident or from the greater area, you can watch live soccer games in Kalamazoo with a semi-professional team during the summer! Soccer fans that are new to the area might not realize that there is a local team, but these fans can easily come out and support Kalamazoo Football Club whenever we have a game.

Kalamazoo FC is excited to see new faces in the crowd each season, and we hope that anyone new to Kalamazoo comes out and supports us. Our team always tries our best to put on a good game for everyone who attends, so make sure you come watch us live if you are in the area and enjoy watching soccer!

Where We Play

Each home game for Kalamazoo Football Club is played at 251 Mills St. in Kalamazoo. For those familiar with the area, this is in the same Parks & Recreation location where the Kalamazoo Growlers have all their home games. Just east of downtown Kalamazoo, our home stadium is easy to find, has plenty of parking for fans, and is easy to access, even when coming off the highway.

At the easy-to-find location that we play at, we hope that both citizens of Kalamazoo as well as those from the greater area can find the location for our games. Under our schedule, we provide a map location for each of our games, including home games, so even those coming for the first time know right where to go.

How to Get Tickets

When you want to see semi-professional soccer games in Kalamazoo, tickets for our events are only a simple visit on our website away! With individual game tickets and season tickets available for both our men’s and women’s team, there are plenty of options for those interested in watching our games. Many of the games throughout our season are home games, so keep track through our schedule to catch one to go to.

As we play, you can keep track of our record and standings, as well as keep an eye on whether we have extra games beyond our regular season. It’s always our goal to perform as best as possible, and on seasons that we do well, there may be extra opportunities to support your local team!

With plenty of chances throughout the summer, any fan looking for soccer games in Kalamazoo can find them with Kalamazoo Football Club. Come support us during our next season and join our community in the enjoyment of live soccer games!

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