Find More to do in Kalamazoo With the Kalamazoo Football Club

The Kalamazoo Football Club is working to bring the highest level of soccer gameplay to Kalamazoo, and if you are a fan of the sport, you’ll no doubt have a great time watching a live match. With men’s and women’s soccer teams made up of athletes from around the world, the Kalamazoo Football Club’s teams play to represent your community as they take on teams from around the region.

Keep an Eye Out for Specials and Events

While the 2023 USL Season may have already ended, there will still be chances to see exciting soccer games with the Kalamazoo Football Club’s teams. Dedicated to providing fun and exciting soccer gameplay to Kalamazoo’s community, the Kalamazoo soccer club often hosts events that are geared towards community engagement. For news on specials offered by KZFC, soccer events, or even extra seasonal matches, be sure to check online for any announcements.

Tryout for a Spot on the Kalamazoo Football Club’s Teams

If you are an aspiring athlete looking to join in on the fun of bringing high level soccer games to your community, then you should plan on trying out for a position with the Kalamazoo Football Club. Looking to represent Kalamazoo against teams from all across the Great Lakes region, we hold tryouts every year! With tryouts starting next fall, now is the perfect time to train. As Kalamazoo’s semiprofessional football club, we are looking for players who can bring superior skills to our team.

Show Your Support With KZFC Team Apparel

With the 2023 season having ended, you can take the time now to prepare. While the 2024 season is still several months a way you can prepare to support the Kalamazoo Football Club. With team apparel available at soccer zone in portage, we have a wide selection of clothing that can help you show your support for your local semiprofessional football teams when the 2024 season starts next spring.
The Kalamazoo Football Club offers several ways for fans to engage with them in the off season. If you are a fan of soccer, or if you would like to help bring high level soccer games to your community, there is no better group to support than the Kalamazoo Football Club. Contact us today to learn more about specials, events, tryouts, and more during the off season.

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