Come See Exciting Semi Professional Games With Kalamazoo’s Soccer Club

Are you a soccer fan looking for what to do in Kalamazoo? There’s nothing quite like seeing soccer matches between teams of highly skilled players, and if you are looking for a way to experience exciting live soccer games in Kalamazoo next summer, there’s no better way to high level soccer matches than with the Kalamazoo football club. With men’s and women’s teams in the great lakes division of the USL2 and USLW leagues, Kalamazoo’s semiprofessional soccer teams will be representing your city as they go up against competitors from across the region.

Check Our Website for Game Tickets Next Year!

While the 2024 USL season is still a couple of months away, now is a great time to prepare. With tickets going online before the start of the season, you’ll be able to keep up with all of the games that KZFC’s teams will play in online. Our online schedule can help you prepare for upcoming games and can also help you to keep track of our men’s and women’s teams scores throughout the season. With individual tickets, season passes, and family passes that will become available with the start of the 2024 season, Whether you’re looking to join in for one game on your own, or if you want to take your whole family with you to see every home game with the Kalamazoo football club, you can guarantee you’ll always have a seat at KZFC’s games.

Supporting Your Local Soccer Team means Supporting Kalamazoo’s Community

The Kalamazoo Football Club works hard to bring the highest level of soccer gameplay to Kalamazoo while representing your community in matches across the region, and when you’re supporting your local soccer team, you’re also supporting Kalamazoo’s community. For every ticket to one of KZFC’s home games, the Kalamazoo football club will donate $1 dollar to local charities. Helping to give back to the community that supports them, seeing games with the Kalamazoo football club is one of the most fun ways to support Kalamazoo’s community.
When you’re looking for what to do in Kalamazoo, consider supporting your local semiprofessional soccer teams in the 2024 USL2 and USLW Leagues. Find your tickets here once they go live or contact us today to learn more about how you can interact with and support your local soccer team.

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