Check out Live Soccer Games with the Kalamazoo Football Club

The summer soccer season is not over just yet, and if you are a fan looking to see some high-level soccer matches in Kalamazoo, there is still some time left. With upcoming home games on June 30th, and July 12th, you can cheer the Kalamazoo Football Clubs men’s team as they close out the USL2 season. If you are looking for a fun way to spend the evening this summer, why not try out one of the soccer games with Kalamazoo Football Club? Representing your city, Kalamazoo FC is dedicated to bringing the highest-level soccer gameplay to Kalamazoo as they compete against other semi-professional soccer teams from throughout the region.

If you are a soccer fan looking for ways to see exciting live soccer games in Kalamazoo, here is everything you need to know about watching games with Kalamazoo FC.

Find Tickets to Upcoming Games Online

If you are interested in checking out an upcoming game with the Kalamazoo Football Club, you can guarantee yourself a seat at their next match when you purchase a ticket online. If you are interested in following the Kalamazoo Football Club’s progress as they take on teams outside of Kalamazoo, you can easily follow your city’s soccer team’s scores while also planning for upcoming games, including extra games outside of the season with our online schedule.

Where to Watch Live Soccer Games

If you want to watch exciting semi-professional soccer games in Kalamazoo, you will find no better opportunity than with the Kalamazoo Football Club. All of Kalamazoo FC’s home games are held at the Mayor’s Riverfront Park at 251 mills St. in Kalamazoo. East of downtown Kalamazoo, you will have no trouble finding your way to a game with Kalamazoo FC. Easily reachable from any city in Kalamazoo County, soccer fans from all over the Kalamazoo area will be able to enjoy at this central location.

If you are looking for a new experience in Kalamazoo, or if you are a long-time soccer fan, there is still time to try a game with Kalamazoo FC as they close out the 2023 season. Get your tickets today and check out a game at our stadium in Kalamazoo or contact us today to learn about upcoming opportunities to see live soccer games with the Kalamazoo Football Club!