6-Month off-season training

The game of soccer is incredibly demanding. You must be able to sprint, explode to the ball and change direction—and maintain these skills for a long duration. (Get Faster: Change of Direction and Agility)

So, to improve your game on the pitch, you must develop your overall athleticism, including strength, speed, power and endurance…

And the best time to do this is during the off-season!

Unfortunately, strength training has not traditionally played a big role in our level of soccer and most of the strength programs followed by our athletes are too general and don’t really address the specific needs. Soccer incorporates many skills and one of the most important is the ability to react efficiently to every aspect of the game. A soccer specific strength program will maximize this ability.

I’ve created an evolving six-month workout program that is designed to be completed during the off- season. It is appropriate for both high school and collegiate soccer players. It is divided into three phases (month 1, months 2-3 and months 4-6), which build upon each other to stimulate training gains.

-Jason Wood | Owner, ZooCity Fitness | Head Athletic Trainer, Kalamazoo FC

Cost: $797.00 ($133/month)

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